Mummys Handmade

Hey there! Welcome to a world full of yarns, knits and lots of handmade creations we call Mummy’s Handmade. This idea was first generated when I, from an early age, used to watch my granny and my mum knit handmade scarfs and socks for me and my brother. As I grew older I thought I could take this idea further by learning the art of knitting and design my own brand for a more modern pattern of handmade knitted bags and more accessories.

For all the products you can find in the web shop, I choose the best quality materials (leathers and yarns) so the result is pretty awesome, as you can discover by yourself when you order your very own and unique Mummy’s Handmade Bag!!! The concept and the policy of the web shop is made based on Greek tradition and culture. Please keep in mind that once you place your order, the estimated date of arrival may differ. The product will arrive at your destination of preference in about 8-13 working days from the moment you place your order (and sometimes a little more because Mummys Handmade crafts are 100% made by hands, to order). Knitting all day long, I offer the most high quality yarns, unique desigs and the most “in fashion” colors!!

Feel free to explore my web shop so that you can decide which bag suits you most!!